BLACK PENCIL's latest CD album La Volta, released by Visisonor Records (2018). Featuring compositions by John Dowland, Thomas Morley, William Byrd and new works by Klaas de Vries, Roderik De Man, David Dramm and Oene van Geel. The inspiration for this programme is the performance practice of music and compositions from the Elizabethan period. Black Pencil specifically focused on the First Booke of Consort Lessons by Thomas Morley (ca. 1557-1602).



The CD production KAISKEI by BLACK PENCIL, featuring music by Roderik de Man, Arnoud Noordegraaf, Robert van Heumen, Ayuo, arrangements of Japanese folk music and honkyoku. The CD also includes works of the previous Buffoni programme of Black Pencil, with compositions of Vanessa Lann and Florian Magnus Maier.


newsblackpencilnewcd2012.jpgDVD BLOCKFLUTE MASTERS. The documentary ‘BLOCKFLUTE MASTERS’ demonstrates the surprising ways in which the blockflute (recorder) tradition of Amsterdam has developed, from Frans Brüggen in the 1960s until today.


newsblackpencilnewcd2012.jpgCD BUFFONI! by BLACK PENCIL. The recording features works by a.o. Roderik de Man, Guus Janssen, Nico Huijbregts, Chiel Meijering, and own arrangements of Pergolesi, Gallo and van Wassenaer a.o. The whole CD is devoted to works inspired by Commedia dell Arte.



"Between Two Wolrds" is the 2012 CD-production of the Dutch composer Jacques Bank (1943). This beautiful album features compositions written between 1991 and 2001, performed by Marcel Beekman(tenor), Lieuwe Visser (speaking voice/bass-baritone), the Basho Ensemble and Jurrien Sligter(conductor). 


newspastenpresenttracksnewcd2012.jpgThe double-CD `Past & Present Tracks` by Roderik de Man has just been released! You can buy this great album in our store, and you can also download individual tracks via Spotify and iTunes.


  • DVD Documentary BLOCKFLUTE MASTERS (2014)
    DVD Documentary BLOCKFLUTE MASTERS (2014)

    After a massive selling of DVD's and great press reviews over the globe, the Visisonor Foundation decided to make the documentary BLOCKFLUTE MASTERS available online for everyone. You can watch it free of charge in Youtube and…

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